The Solution to Health Studios with fitDEGREE founders Dan & Nick

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Daniel Nyiri

I am super excited to sit down again with the founders of fitDegree Daniel Berger & Nick Dennis! 

We met exactly a year ago in the cold NYC, and I was impressed by what they have accomplished in such a short period of time.  fitDegree was at the beginning stages but they did one thing really well that separated them from the 100s of other software companies out there.

That one thing is so simple and yet most companies and even personal trainers just not able to execute it. We all know it, but we just can’t seem to execute it. 

LISTENING and then taking action on what our customers/prospects have complained, asked, or missed from our services or in their case software!  That’s right, they listen and take action.

That made me keep an eye out on their fascinating growth as a business and as entrepreneurs.  During these hard times for gym owners they have put together a pretty amazing solution that I was so excited to share to our audience and I really hope that you guys are interested in hearing and testing out for free! 

I highly recommend that you can schedule a free demo here!

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