How to Start a YouTube Channel as a Gym Owner I How to Go Live and Ask for More!

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1A. Spend time on Titles and Metadata Use Google Trends, then use YouTube search bar and then finally use Tube Buddy to score your title and keywords. You should be able to get a free trial using this LINK!

1B. Speak your title and keywords! That’s right. YouTube listens to your videos and calculates your ratting using cutting edge technology. So you got to throw your titles and keyword into the video.

2. Create Attractive Thumbnails. Use Adobe Photoshop or Tube Body to edit them. If you are not creative or don’t want to learn how to make these you can simply go on to FIVERR (add in my referral link as well) and use this person. he is great and he charges 15 dollars for 4 Thumbnails!

3. Use all your social media platforms and email platform to market your YouTube Video. Send out thumbnails with links to the video and tell people WHY they should watch it. Use a really good call to action. Example: On Thumbnail use your picture struggling throughout a workout and use Title on the picture: The Impossible Workout. Then in text write out something like: The Impossible Workout is making me CRY, today on #4UFITNESSLIVE at 1 pm EST. Cut out snippets from video share it on your stories and social media and whichever has the most views and interactions use that to run ads to it!

4. Set a Schedule and stick to it. Just come up with your schedule. There is no right or wrong here. You can upload 2 videos a day or you can upload 2 a month. You need to pick the RIGHT amount that you can stick to. I would recommend at least once per week at max 3 x per week. You could come up with something like this: Monday at 1 pm Podcast, Wednesday at 3 pm LIVE Q&A or Workout with Nina. Friday Recorded HOW to video, how to cook, how to workout ….

5. Feature your Clients and their results! Showcase your clients and make sure you tag them on social media when you do. But also make sure they are OK with it. For example, we once had an amazing client who lost over 120 LBS with us and then got married and started a new life. So we started to post her before afters and she right away reached out about it since she just got married started a new life and it doesn’t look good that we are spamming her amazing wedding with her before afters. Even though it was an unbelievable transformation that she should be proud of for the rest of her life I understand her point.

Additional Rules

The first 5 seconds of the video MUST HOOK your audience. Throw some amazing pitch to keep them watching. Example: What’s up guys, I am going to share the secret of how to lose 100 lbs as Susan and Michelle did in this video so grab your notebook and let’s get started. I got 100 clients in 10 days and this is how! or I lost 120 lbs and this is how….

Change the scene throughout the video, record at different locations and cut it together or just walk around while you recording. ( this, of course, depends on the type of video) but if you want the perfect example for the above two just watch ANY Tai Lopez ad videos. Just google it and watch it. HE IS REALLY GOOD AT IT. He starts out in the first 5 seconds with a hook! Then he walks around to change the scene every single time to keep you wonder and he randomly changes the topic and throws in some creditability like oh yeah this is my 5000SF guest house by the way nut sure if you ever seen it and then continues on as nothing happened. He does this with his cars as well all the time. He is a GREAT PERSON to study.

Showcase some humble creditability, while you are recording just mention something like during the video even if its a workout video you could be like ” and one and two and three let’s go… by the way, this is the workout I used with the celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson on the Doctors TV Show… two-three and a good job. … ”

RELATE to the audience: Let’s go with the workout LIVE video example. three two one and rest, great job everyone! If you feel exhausted, puking or dizzy or if you stopped throughout the workout. That’s okay! Just take it easy I been there I was 50 lbs overweight and puked 3x during my first 3 workouts. It gets better.

Use Urgency If you are not subscribing now or not clicking the button below now you gonna miss out on my free home workout… or whatever.

In the end, do another hook like: I am going to give you some homework. I am going to give you the IMPOSSIBLE AT HOME WORKOUT for FREE and if you are able to complete it I will also give you a free 15 min consolation on ZOOM! All you have to do is enter your email below and I will email it to you right now because I don’t want this video to go on for another 20 minutes! So just enter your email and I send it to you right now!

During the workout, preferable during the breaks if its a LIVE workout ask them to SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON YouTube algorithm really LOVES that button right now. So ask them to hit it and tell them this is the best way to tell me if you loved my workout or not! If you want modifications please comment it below or if you want to review it or tell me some notes also comment it below! Youtube loves engagements.

Thank you for watching & Reading!

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