Episode 109: The Best Way to Benefit as a Gym Owner from the Stimulus Package

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Daniel Nyiri

In this episode, I collected the top ways to benefit as a Gym Owner and Personal Trainer from the Stimulus Package!

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can see the process with Chase, step by step as we went through it!

Firstly, who, when and why to apply? 

  1. 1099
  2. W2 
  3. Independent Contractor
  4. Freelancer
  5. Laid Off
  6. Loss of Income or just Lower Income
Episode 109

What is the stimulus package? 

1. You get *$300 from your state (NY$500) per week to up to 39 weeks. 
2. You get up to $600 per week for up to 13 weeks 

That is $900-$1100 per week if you file unemployment now. 

I also dig deep about the Emergency Injury Disaster Grant/Loan and the PPP: Payment Protection Program 

So make sure to tune in as your Fitness Business depends on it!

If you have any of the above you can and you should apply. 
This means all personal trainers could apply regardless if they are employees, W2 or freelancers. 

You can apply online for Chase and many other banks, here is Step 1:

Once you apply you will receive an email from Chase bank

Step 2: about a week later:

Step 3: No steps yet… It’s been doing this all day.

Step 3: Two Days After Step Two

Link for Chase is Here!
Link for Wells Fargo is Here!
Link for Bank of America is Here!
Link for TD Bank is Here!

Apply at your local county!

I highly recommend that you google your local county for help! If you have locations in many counties then you must contact each one and apply for their local program! Most of this is kicking in on April 9th!

These are literary first come first serve while it last. You don’t have to pay it back either. Here is one in Pinellas County for example.

You and your workers can apply as well from $500 to $5000!

Don’t expect anything quick!

Useful Resources

Mike Arce created crazy amount of help for Gym Owners here!

It is possible that the gym’s arent going to be the same at all after this is over. It is also quite possible that this won’t be over till 2022.

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