Episode 108: COVID-19 Updates for Gym Owners

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Daniel Nyiri

In this episode, I just wanted to clarify that If you are just sitting this one out you are going to lose big time.

As you have already experienced the original re-opening date was already pushed back by 30 days and that is going to happen again!

Make sure that you have a plan to be closed till August.

On top of that once you reopen you need to rethink everything. Like how are you going to prevent the spread of the virus in your studios!?

Episode 108: COVID-19 Updates for Gym Owners

Unleash your creativity

In the previous episode below with Alex Rodriguez the Best Selling Author of “Digital Bacon” & “Sell You Before You Sell” we talked about some creative ways to make money as a brick and mortar Gym during the lockdown!

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