Episode 104: The Guru of Online Coaching Jordan Syatt

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Daniel Nyiri

In this episode, we go to NYC to sit down with the one and only Jordan Syatt! 

You may know him from Daily Vee the famous YouTube show of Gary Vaynerchuck. 

Since then Jordan has created a really big name from himself in the fitness industry and this episode he is going to share with you how he has done that!

You might know him from his notorious eating at Mc’Dondalds while losing weight! 

“This Man Ate McDonald’s Every Day and Lost Weight”

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8 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Got Into Fitness. – (Someone asked what advice I would give myself 10 years ago – here’s a start). – 1) There’s no such thing as a “good” or “bad” food. Some foods are obviously more or less nutritious. But your health is determined by the sum of many actions & situations over a long time. Not a single food or meal or day or week or month. – 2) Everything works…it just depends how long you can sustain it. Go ahead and try the juice cleanse or teatox or 7-day fasting protocol again…and again…and again. They’ll keep helping you lose weight fast. But how many times will you have to gain it all back again before you realize it’s not, actually, worth it? – 3)Action is the foundation of motivation. Not the other way around. In other words, stop looking for ways to “get motivated.” And start doing wtf you need to do to achieve your goals no matter how badly you’d rather lie in bed scrolling through Instagram pretending to be productive. Because action leads to results. Results lead to motivation. Motivation leads to action. And so the cycle continues. But it all starts with action. Don’t forget that. – 4) It’s gonna take way longer than you want to achieve your goals. Way longer. And by the time you achieve them…they might not even matter that much to you anymore. Which isn’t a bad thing. Just part of the process. – 5) Shaming helps no one. It usually hurts far more than helps. Don’t be an asshole. – 6) Pandering also helps no one. It’s another form of enabling. And not telling someone the truth in order to protect their feelings might make them slightly happier short-term…but it could kill them long-term. – 7) You won’t be able help everyone. Which sucks. But it’s true. – 8) You might be the victim. You could be right in saying you were dealt a bad hand…things are unfair…you got a raw deal. And you’d be justified in making it known. But no matter how bad of a hand you were dealt…complaining changes nothing. You can choose to work with what you’ve got. Or you can choose not to. Either way, the choice is yours. – Love you.

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He is also known for testing out every single diet, trick, snake oil, trend and basically every myth out there to prove that Calories in Vs Calories Out!

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