Do you Pick Up the PHONE!?

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Daniel Nyiri

It is crazy important to pick up the phone by the first ring! And if you don’t pick it up by the first ring it is even more important to call back the leads by the first 5 minutes! 

So much that I get invited to all the best Speaking Engagements all over the world to talk about this topic! 

You want to be the first company to make first contact, and in more competitive industries you’ll be lucky to be even the third caller if you wait five minutes or more to call.

Roy Harmon

Respond Rates by the Hour

What happens after the first 5 minutes?

Sales Conversions are 391% Higher in the First Minute

So what happens if you missed your window? How many times should you call?

As many times it takes to make the sale. The bottom line is that if your Gym has 1000 leads and the Gym down the street from you also has 1000 leads. Who is going to have more clients? The one that called sooner and more often! As simple as that!

Do you know how many times we heard at first that sorry I have already signed up to another gym!? A lot! Now we hear “oh you guys called so fast” or “Thank you for not giving up on me” after calling them 21 times.

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